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Adam Zoom @ Latin Rock Live


It’s hard to go to shows on the island without hearing about Adam Zoom at least once, even if it is to just to comment on their eccentric live performances. Adam Zoom has made a name for themselves with their extravagant onstage performance and the singer’s Iggy Pop-esque spastic dancing. After disappearing from the local scene for a while, they are back with a new album.

On Thursday, December 2nd, the band gave a special performance for “Latin Rock Live”, a show for Radioactiva, the radio station of Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in Saturce, Puerto Rico. Adam Zoom presented material from their newest album titled “Adam Zoom vs Ellos” (Adam Zoom versus Them). The show was transmitted live via to listeners/watchers in Mexico.

The show lasted about an hour and the band performed twelve of their new, a few songs from their last album, and even an unreleased track especially for the event (unfortunately, they didn’t really provide the audience with a track list). The four members of the band took the stage with white paint covering the top half of their faces to resemble masks and some wore Hawaiian leis.

When the lead singer stepped onto the stage, he resembled a skinny, tattooed Jesus with a very scruffy beard. This “Adam” started to sing. The songs were mostly hard rock with a bit of synth, very loud drums, and the singer yelling about having a broken heart. Most of the songs featured combative lyrics, plenty of yelling, and the usual woes expected from Latin Rock music. The guitarist was interviewed at a 5-minute break about two-thirds into the show and was described as the brains behind the band’s conceptual aspects. However, the concept of the new album was not made very clear in this presentation. When Adam was interviewed, he said he chose the album’s title as a reaction to the criticisms he constantly faced and as a way to express his right to free speech.

For the second half of the show, the band switched to black plastic masks that covered the top half of their faces. Adam wore a black cape and a mask with a bird-like nose that resembled those worn at masquerade balls. He chose to writhe on the floor a few times during the show, spat water onto his drummer, and sang with his eyes opened wide as if he was about to lose his mind in the middle of the song; very intense. The projections in the background changed from tropical scenery to seals being attacked by a shark as Adam screamed into a song.

A handful of the tunes featured an acoustic guitar. During those songs, a fifth musician rose to the stage and accompanied the band. However, the acoustic guitar was not highlighted on the songs enough and was mainly drowned out by the other instruments. Most of the songs had a pretty decent sound, especially those with a strong synthesizer backbone. The band has been described as “electro-rock”, but the songs from the new album seem to have very little electronic elements. However, perhaps this will be different in the album compared to their live presentation.

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