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Debunking The New Zodiac Sign

5 comments expert astrologers debunk the news about the new zodiac sign. Let’s see if this quells the crisis that has erupted online with all the rumors. Check out the articles:

Cosmic Alert! Is Your Zodiac Sign Wrong?

Ophiucus, the 13th Zodic Sign? No, its Not.

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  1. Astrology is pure made-up hogwash, it is nothing but scammers and deluded fools.

    Here Dawkins does what he does best and debunks this into smithereens:

  2. Great video, Guilermo! Thx!
    It’s awesome how we humans love the absurd. It’s especially true regarding entertainment. And its amazing how we make entertainment an actual part of our identity as individuals. If you really think about it, the same can be said about some theories of personality traits, due to the relativity of possibilities. The zodiac is merely an ancient way to establish patterns and set categories to understand the human personality. Whether accurate or not, it doesn’t really matter: If a person believes he or she is “nice” or “outgoing”, or whichever way he or she chooses to describe himself or herself, how can this be a fact? Based on what? On who? This type of “homeostasis” of personality is impossible to achieve because we are molded by experiences and we mature as individuals. But people love categories and identifications; they won’t stop searching for ways to better understand themselves or mold themselves into what they want to be. Especially if it’s a good boredom blaster and allows for a good tattoo without any Piscian Inquisitions. Pop culture, gotta love it.
    Cheers to ya, mate!

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