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New Mythologies in Providence


Candita Clayton Studio in the Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, recently hosted a reception and exhibition of paintings, photographs and ceramic art by artists: David AllynAndrew Moon BainCorey Grayhorse and Xander Marro. Once again, we were blown away by awesome art, great curatorial work, and  another slick-cool gallery space in Rhode Island. As promised, the show took the expectators “on a journey through old and new definitions of iconography, pattern, color, mysticism, collage, culture, design, and beauty.” The showcase  was a crossroad of  vividly polychromatic worlds that spoke in different variations of a similar tongue. These four artists are a visual force in Rhode Island’s art scene.

Xander Marro‘s anthropomorphic, power-femme worlds took us into creepy, miniature wonderlands: sugar trips of swirling, frosted magenta caves/castles with horse-women, cookoo clocks that flash sexy legs, and fallopian faunas with glittering birds. Her mixed-media installations, dioramas, and silkscreen prints narrate distorted fairytales that explore femininity through the deconstruction (frosting and fear; pink and horror) of female childhood, sexuality, and body-politics. Delicious.

David Allyn displayed a controversial series of ceramics. Through his conservatively-shaped porcelain vases and coffee mugs -which are traditional, homely artifacts that represent a “mellowing down” of the mind, a search for peace, not to mention porcelain is a delicate and fine material- he weaves an intricate and complex message: Collages of political and social iconography offer heavily-charged discourse on the surface of his subtly-colored porcelain.  A great vessel for a bold drink or a blooming mind-fuck. Allyn also made an appearance as the suave “Unkle Thirsty” to quench the guests’ thirst with his notorious lemonade and suave moves.

Andrew Moon Baine‘s recent art creates vibrant, mythological worlds where tigers graze, cities burn, and mermaids jam in an orchestra. Moon has a multicultural, folkloric visual aesthetic that implements a variety of patterns to create visual quilts of diverse narratives. Also, as a musician, musical elements are present in his visual art.

Corey Grayhorse‘s photography creates parallel dimensions where opposites converge in fashionable style: a distorted memory of childhood merges into an adult world and traditional iconography meets  a contemporary aesthetic. In the words of this stylish photographer:  “Japanese Street Culture collides with Haute Couture, and Hello Kitty courts Marie Antoinette.”



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