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Penny Arcade Expo (PAX East) 2011


The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX East) 2011 blasted off this weekend in Boston! The video game expo had four floors of activity, including a couple of cool performance spaces where Rockband fans could team up and jam out. Enormous rooms served as huge LAN parties and held gaming tournaments. And, of course, you could also play the latest games or try out the new 3D Nintento DS before its release.

We  caught the live comic panel where Tyko and Gabe, creators of the Penny Arcade comic, projected their creation of a live comic panel as they answered the weirdest questions from their fans. A note-worthy moment ocurred when someone asked them their opinion regarding the on-going debate of whether video games are considered art. They replied, “If you have 200 artists working for two years on a product, it’s ridiculous to not consider it art.” Another cool moment took place when a male fan asked them to draw a pony in the strip.

The indie game section in the exhibit area showcased awesome pieces, like Arcana Heart 3 and Blazblue from Aksys Games, creators of the Guilty Gear Series, or The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile from Ska Studios. The American Classic Arcade Museum recreated an 80s arcade room jam-packed with classic arcade games and retro music.

To our surprise, we also caught Tetsuya Mitzuguchi (director of Child of Eden), the man himself, playing the rhythm-based Xbox game using Kinect. It blew us away with its visual effects. Check out the trailer!

The night was full of video game free-play with lots of other people, tournaments, and video game music concerts, which included Metroid Metal and Video Game Music Orchestra. The expo made many video game fans quiver with a warm and fuzzy feeling, no matter how short their cosplay pants. Everyone left with free Magic The Gathering card decks, Plants vs Zombies paper hats, and larger-than-your-kid-brother tote bags from Nexus.

Photos by Ricardo Ferrer

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