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Puerto Rican Art Goes FRESCO


The independent curator  Celina Nogueras Cuevas, launches FRESCOS, an art book that presents the work of 50 Puerto Rican artists under 35 years of age selected by 10 internationally-recognized curators. FRESCOS is a pioneering book in the historiography of art in Puerto Rico, the first exercise in documenting the work of these artists as a generation, putting it in contest and giving it coherence.

Of the curators that collaborated in the book, five are based in Puerto Rico and are representatives of the island’s most prestigious art institutions, while the other five are international curators who have been linked to art in Puerto Rico for many years. This composition made for the selection of a broad spectrum of artists, with a broad spectrum of aesthetics, together illustrating the multiplicity of this generation’s artistic and thematic concerns.

The artists reviewed in FRESCOS are all young, born since 1975 and active since the early 2000s. Some have already exhibited their work in international venues, have been invited to take part in biennials or triennials; the work of some of them already figures in museum collections. Others are just beginning to embark on formal career. The book includes a section of artists organized alphabetically, where readers will find concise, useful biographical data and seven essays that contextualize their work. The art works illustrated in FRESCOS were selected through a curatorial process by the editor, who selected some of their most significant pieces and works that represent important moments in the artist’s career or demonstrate the diversity of media in which the artist works.

The provocative graphic design was created by Miguel Miranda Montes, Muuaaa’s Creative Director in association with Angel Cardona. “For the cover of the book, we decided to use an image that illustrates, unmistakably, the concept behind this collection. The Frescos generation of artists is, like bananas, fresh fruit, pure freshness. By using the banana to represent this generation, we have tried to create a counterpoint to the traditional image of the plantain as a symbol of Puerto Rican identity, a symbol of a “jíbaro” or folkloric identity that harks back to the agricultural past—an image that is revisited again and again in the history of Puerto Rican art.”  stated the editor regarding Miranda Montes graphic design.  “Now the image of the mature banana, Musa sapientum, the fruit of the wise, fresh and ready-to-eat, takes the plantain’s place, to symbolize artists who, though still young, are beginning to bear mature fruit” she added.

Curatorial Committee

Elvis Fuentes, curator of  Museo del Barrio; Silvia Karman Cubiñá, director of Miami’s Bass Museum; Cheryl Hartup, curator of  Ponce Museum of Art; Marimar Benítez, director of the School of Visual Arts; Pablo León de la Barra, independent curator; Juan Carlos López, curator of  Museum of Art of Puerto Rico; Marysol Nieves, New York based independent curator;  Paco Barragán, independent curator; Marianne Ramírez, Director of Museum of Contempoarary Art of Puerto Rico, and the editor Celina Nogueras Cuevas.

Featured Artists:

Rebecca Adorno, Rogelio Báez, Javier Bosques, Osvaldo Budet, Melissa Calderón, Efrén Candelaria, Myritza Castillo, Jorge ‘Rito’ Cordero, Corográfico, Bobby Cruz, Jorge Díaz, Esteban Gabriel, Alia Farid Abdal, Mónica Félix, Radamés ‘Juni’ Figueroa, Frances Gallardo, Ignacio González Lang, Michelle Gratacós, Pablo Guardiola, Karlo Andrei Ibarra, Edgardo Larregui, Michael Linares, Sofía Maldonado, Roberto Márquez, Melvin Martínez, Elsa María Meléndez, Jason Mena, Ramón Miranda, Jesús ‘Bubu’ Negrón, Nepo, Ángel Otero, Josué Pellot, Omar Obdulio Peña, Araceli Pino, Fernando Pintado, Isabel Ramírez, Tristán Reyes, Christopher Rivera, Frances Rivera, Quintín Rivera, Gamaliel Rodríguez, Guillermo Rodríguez, Mónica Rodríguez, Kristine Serviá, Garvin Sierra, Rosalin Suero, Rafael Vargas Bernard, Omar Velázquez, Vientre Compartido, William Villalongo

CELINA NOGUERAS CUEVAS is the president of Muuaaa, a consulting firm specializing in branding, communications, editorial services, and the creation of cultural projects in the areas of art, architecture, and design. She has organized projects such as CIRCA, the first international art fair in the Caribbean; the urban-art biennial Graphopoli; and the International Tropical Design Symposium, and she was the editor of the architectural magazine ENTORNO.

[Press release by Muuaaa]

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