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T.V. Producer: ¡YOU!


“Make Better T.V.!”

Face it, you’ve always wanted to make a T.V. show. Especially knowing how MTV is still on the air. Well, now you can!

Creation Studios puts you at the steering wheel of a collaborative process of developing a t.v. show.Your ideas will be heard and you will take part in the whole process of production, including story development, marketing, wardrobe, and music. Creation Studios has developed the first-ever Community Developed television series, Bar Karma, by giving the audience the tools to “make better T.V.”.

“Harnessing innovative technology from the mind of video game legend Will Wright and storytelling expertise from television hitmaker Albie Hecht, Creation Studios is looking to revolutionize the way TV is made. And that’s by including you in the creative process of a new television series called Bar Karma–the first show of its kind. Utilizing Will Wright’s StoryMaker Engine, you can develop the stories and characters you want to see. You’ll also be able to vote on ideas submitted by other members of the Creation Studios community. The most popular ideas will become contenders for the actual plot developments on the show, written and filmed by our professional production team. It’s not reality television; it’s real television made by real people, including you. And it all starts with a story about a guy who walks into a bar…” (

Creative Studios works through a digital platform that captures the different stages of production, where you can incorporate your creative input. You can access it online, email or even your Facebook account. So, what are you waiting for? Beat the hell out of Lost and start producing the next blockbuster t.v. series!

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