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The Doll Revolution

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Once upon a time entered Veronica, not a total “Betty”, but that’s only a fraction to her charm.  Archie and Ken would definitely agree that “B” (Barbie/Betty) is no substitute for “V” (Veronica, Vampirella). They might have come first but the later have B-shadowed The Blondes and failed Barbies everywhere have taken us all.  Between hard plastic and our desire for meat/flesh, new dolls propose that dirty blonde is the new way to “B”.

Like any other object of desire, dolls everywhere have undergone on a change of their own, giving us “players” the power to redefine that je ne sais quoi that seduces our call.  As an imaginary recipient, the doll knows no limit. It resists and adapts to our needs; needless to say it transcends our own flesh/meat. Video games, movies, and costumes have redesigned “playing dolls”. The fashion and music industry has us “dolled up”. So what is the doll telling you? Brush me, break me, dress me, and undress me, just to name a few.

Not to bring the iconic Barbie off her high horse, but the Doll Revolution has raised all our hopes.  Despite Aqua, who wants to be a Barbie girl anymore? My props go to Tiffany, the bride of a troll. Now that’s a doll as you clearly can see! “Barbie, eat your heart out”, she said in that film and with this it made its part three.  Like Rihanna, a good girl no more and like a phoenix a black swan is born.

Little girls everywhere, shave your Britney doll’s hair because the media wants you to play this game well. Remember that Burton’s Sally doll can spread her legs and, just like Coraline, ask your other parents first. Mommies and Daddies, it’s all fun and games. You can’t be in style if it’s not Gagaesque. This Toy Story is dark and has a sharp edge so let’s have the main character kill herself at the end.

Check out VieK11’s Lady Gaga Dolls

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