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The Golden Era of Television in Puerto Rico


"Emphasis Project Placement" by Guillermo Martínez

Reviving Eddie: Puerto Rico is Retro-Cool [part IV]:

“The Golden Era of Puerto Rican Television”

Those who experienced the 70s and 80s in the island remember a large repertoire of commercials, T.V. jingles, and variety shows, even more international exposure with cartoons from Japan, Australia, and Russia. It was a time when television in Puerto Rico became a mirror of a cultural identity that is now fragmented as Univision swallows us into the Latino label void of canned programming. Meanwhile, our Communications Professionals, Producers, and Media Specialists suffer the economic backlashand remain without resources with which they can upgrade their background to specialize in New Media and digital communications. People keep specializing in media with no industry to work in. The Department of Education should provide aid in the transition and yet it seems that our government’s administration has not taken interest in promoting higher education for years. This has been one of the many reasons that has caused a massive immigration of media professionals toward the Internet as a DIY (“do-it-yourself”) option. How can we push for change? It has already begun: with the recent boom of digital magazines, journalistic blogs, videos and vlogs, YouTube series, podcasts, and Internet radio. If you are a media professional, don’t get crushed by the industry and join the wave.

For more information about the history of television in Puerto Rico, click here.

The following videos are WAPA TV’s filmic special on The History of Television in Puerto Rico, presented by Efren Arroyo.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

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