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The Polyamorous Affair


.Crudo gets a shot of vintage sound and decadent glam with The Polyamorous Affair. The  musical duo, originally from L.A. and currently stationed in Berlin, talks to .Crudo about their latest production, “Strange Bedfellows”, and their retro-European sound.

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Talk to us about the name “The Polyamorous Affair” and the concept behind your music. We sense some glamour and decadence here.

At the time we founded the band, we were interested in the concept of polyamory. We both had the desire to break through petty emotions like jealousy and possession. We felt that if we could conquer these conventions that hold people back, we would also have breakthroughs as artists and as people. We faced our deepest fears together head on. It only served to fortify our bond and our marriage. Dabbling in polyamory helped us develop emotionally. We also believe that anytime you break through the imaginary barriers you allow to be imposed on your mind, you make a sort of magic that pleases the universe and the universe rewards you for it. Sex is essentially a creative impulse. Sexual energy can be harnessed and used to make art and music and dreams come true.

How did The Polyamorous Affair originate?

We began to write songs and record in our home studio. We liked what we were capable of making together. We just decided to release it ourselves. It  grew from there.

How do you describe your music?


What are the musical influences of your sound? And how would you describe your music to those who haven’t heard it yet?

It’s a hard question to answer. We try to make music that has a warmth and a soulfulness to it – songs you want to listen to over and over again.

Sissy, tell us about the lyrics in the music. It seems you develop a narrative around them, like “Babayaga” and “White Hot Magic”.

Babayaga is the story of two lovers who, like Hansel and Gretel, partook of all earthly delights without considering the consequences. When she loses the only person who matters to her and she is also passing into her own death she is determined to bring him back by sacrificing her material desires and setting her spirit free.

White Hot Magic is a term I read in a biography of G.I. Gurdjeiff.  It is a phrase we use when we are working to the point of discomfort and exhaustion, when we are completely absorbed in the moment, to describe the friction which makes sparks of “white hot magic” that pay off.  It is our little mantra.

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Talk to us about the “Russian-disco style” in Bolshevik Disco?

We wanted to do something completely over-the-top and counter tothe way a band typically performs. We were determined to get people to dance, move, sing along, and interact.

What can we find in your most recent album, Strange Bedfellows, in terms of sound and concept?

We had different ideas for this record. We each developed our own “thing” on this album. We didn’t want to put restrictions on each other, so we let one another make the songs they wanted. When it came time to sequence the album, we were concerned it didn’t have continuity. We really had songs that made strange bedfellows. We had a copy of Double Fantasy always at the front of our crate of vinyl. That inspired us to just go with the diversity of our sounds like John and Yoko did.

On Strange Bedfellows you will hear Eddie going back to his soul beginnings. You will hear fewer duets and more guitar and tambourine.

How has your sound and style evolved from your self-titled album, to Bolshevik Disco, and Strange Bedfellows.

Well at first we were just like kids in a toy store, seeing how much trouble we could get ourselves into. You could say we were playing dress up, playing with personae and absurdity, theatrics. It was fun for a while, but at the end of the day you’re just a real person. And that is what has to go into your art in one way or another. We were covering up and on this one we began to open up more. The first was all fantasy – cote d’ azure, orgies, limos. The next was theabsurdity of it all. This one is about waking up, shedding light on some things we wouldn’t have addressed earlier.

Talk to us a bit about the visual style of your music videos and how it adds to your music.

We see making a video as an art form unto itself as opposed to just being an accompaniment to a song. It is such a pleasure to get to work with a great director.

What can the public expect out of a live performance of The Polyamorous Affair?

Strange bedfellows making white hot magic.

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What was the most outrageous performance you have presented?

The one where nothing worked. The mic was dead. The speakers blew. Everything went wrong. Feedback. Sissy got theuncontrollable giggles. Eddie got the audience to sing the songs because the PA was no more good.

Talk to us about being part of the label Manimal Vinyl.

Manimal Vinyl released CDs and vinyl of Bolshevik Disco last year. He has a garage full of them. You should order one online. They’re beautiful! We started our own label now called Winter Palace Records.

You’re probably tired of this question, but what is it like to make music with your spouse? How did you decide to start making music?

It is our baby. Our only child that we dote on and sometimes spoil. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We always want to work together. We cannot stand to be apart for one minute. It is sick.

When are your next presentations?

We will be touring with You Say Party in Germany in November.

We just dropped a new video for “Softer and Softer.” New videos will be out soon for the songs “Rebel” and “Hypnotized.” And a video for “Strange” is going to be shot this month. Our mission is to get directors from all over the world to make videos for all the songs on Strange Bedfellows. Our label will release a 10 song compilation early next year. Eddie is teaming up with Alexandra Hope on a project called Wait Until Dark and their EP comes out next year. He is also releasing an solo project next year where he’s full on returned to his soul roots.

What can we expect for the band in 2011?

A 4th record hopefully. More videos. And we are going to tour like crazy.

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