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There Is Nothing Free About Freedom

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"Love Hurts" by Jason Clapp (CLAPP Photography)

After reading Osho’s “no quote of the day” today, I couldn’t help but think about the many times we talk about the desire to feel free in our relationships. To what extent do we have the possibility to feel free in a relationship? Be it karmic or financial debt, possessions of any kind or theoretically speaking, we are, if anything, linked to people everywhere because we are not free. We can choose, but even our body feels rented and it is our flesh, our meat, and not our body that reminds us we are on lay away, placed on hold for a later date (all puns intended). Our package becomes a product that travels like anything else on the “free” market.

This market that everyone raves about has become more like a flea market with infinite opportunities in hopes you can define yourself with all the freedom that you can fit into your heart and with all the green that you can freely burst out of your pocket. That’s the thing with freedom right? You freely pay prices because everything and everyone is free? Not quite. Despite price tags, tickets and memorabilia left behind —even after our relationships reach their deadlines— we transcend beyond resentment into a feeling of entrapment. We feel as though we owe something to that “significant other”; we perceive that what we freely gave was not enough and that which we received stood short.

As citizens and hopeless romantics, at some point in our lives we reach the Mecca: Toxicity, a state in which everything is sucked dry and drained to waste. It truly is a waste:  Everyone in this state is more concerned about what they get instead of what they learn once they embrace their sadistic nature. “Easy” is what many citizens of this entrapment may reply to my indecent proposal, especially those that shine through their passive aggressiveness or active willingness. So I call out and conjure not our hedonistic nature but our versatility, our ability to flex for someone or something we crave beyond our longevity.

Flexing not only makes everything in a relationship run smoother, it splits the ego in half so all the loving can commence and enter. Let’s submit to others every so often in a way we can find time to sand down our over-willingness and fake ourselves until we truly make the cut. After all, who ever said relationships were a competition must live in a very small island somewhere in the Caribbean. Take it from me, it was once fun because it felt free, it is now even more fun because you are worth it.

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