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Top 10 Asian Horror Movies


If we are talking about horror films, the Asian continent sure has it down. Japan, Korea, China, and Thailand have proven they are big players in the game. Check out our top picks for must-see Asian horror films if you want to turn up the creep factor this Halloween.

1- Noroi The Curse (2005) – Japan

Our vote for the best asian horror film we’ve seen so far. We recommend you buy diapers for this

YouTube Preview Image

2- Colic (2006) – Thailand

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3- Grotesque (2009) – Japan

Warning: Could be the most disturbing and goriest film you’ll probably see in your life.

YouTube Preview Image

4- Cello (2005) – South Korea

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5- Rattle Rattle (2006) – Japan

One of three short stories that compose the movie Unholy Women o “Kowai Onna”.

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6- The Eye (2002) – China, Thailandia, Signapore

This is the first from a series of films. Way better than its american version.

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7- Uzumaki (2000) – Japan

The filmic version of the popular horror manga by Junji Ito.

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8- Meat Grinder (2009) – Thailand

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9 – Tale of Two Sisters (2003) – South Korea

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10- Shutter (2004) – Thailand

Better than the american version.

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