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Video Mix Tape! International!


¡Video Mix Tape regresa! Esta vez en colaboración con musicófilos en Nueva York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Cuba y Puerto Rico. ¡Chequéate la música que se eschucha en distintas esquinas del mundo!

¡Video Mix Tape is back! This time with musical recommendations from musicophiles in New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Cuba. Check out the music that people are listening to in different corners of the world!


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The Dead Weather – “Treat Me Like Your Mother” 

Formed in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. Debuted in 2009.

Recommended by Marlene Keller (Providence, RI)


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The Chamaleons – “Monkeyland”

Formed in  Middleton, Greater Manchester, England. Debuted in 1983.

Recommended by William TheRed (Manhattan, NY)


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The Doors – “Riders on the Storm”

Formed in Los Angeles, California, United States. Debuted in 1967.

Recommended by Reynier Ferrer (Havana, Cuba)


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Ana Tijoux – “Humanidad”

From France and Chile. Debuted in 1998.

Recommended by Reza Clifton (Providence, RI)

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Tiga – “Shoes”

From Montreal, Canada. Debuted in 1998.

Recommended by Aaron Peterman (Providence, RI)


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Louis Armstrong – “Basin Street Blues”

From New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. Debuted in 1929.

Recommended by Ricardo J. Ferrer (Providence, RI)


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Camille – “Au Port”

From Paris, France. Debuted in 2002.

Recommended by Omar Robles (Chicago, IL)


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Coaltar of the Deepers – “Aquarian Age”

From Tokyo, Japan. Debuted in 1991.

Recommended by Sheyla Rivera (Providence, RI)


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Gym Class Heroes – “Stereo Hearts”

Formed in Geneva, New York, United States. Debuted in 2001.

Recommended by Janira Vega (Newark, NJ)


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